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Northern lights tours


During the winter in Finnmark the sun is completely gone in two months. This period is called "the dark time" and place from November to late January. During the dark time, you'll have a great opportunity to see one of natures most beautiful spectacle, the northern lights.


Alta is one of the safest places to see auroras and here the world's oldest auroral observatory is located. It is because of the high mountains in the west of Alta that it's starry skies that often in the area around Alta, which is a good prerequisite for seeing the northern lights.


To view the northern lights dancing across the sky is an amazing experience that must be experienced.


We arrange tours northern lights in the middle of Sami country with activities, good local food and accommodation in tents.



Hunting of grouse


In grouse hunting in 2011, we have a fully equipped tent camp standing in the middle of the hunting ground. Contact us for more info about our hunting camp.





To travel by canoe through Finnmark is a very fun and exciting experience, a great adventure. Paddling can range from challenging rapids where you really have to keep focus and quieter parts where you can sit back and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.


When you paddle canoes you can come very close to the wild animals, which often roams around rivers. We reach the fishing grounds that are otherwise inaccessible and if we are lucky we catch fish that we can cook over an open fire in the evening inside the hut.


We start out in the wilderness and paddling back home to civilization. We organize tours in several different rivers.