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Highland fishing

Finnmark is a county in northern Norway which is larger than Denmark. There are about 72 000 people and infrastructure is very limited, there is large parts of total pristine wilderness where you can walk for miles in the wild without meeting anyone.


Fishing on Finnmarksvidda is truly world class, the summer season is short and very intense with the result that the fish are taking every chance it gets to eat up for the winter, so here you have a really good chance to catch your dream fish.


Fishing ranges from large lakes and streams to small ponds and creeks. The summer season begins when the ice on the lakes melts, when the fish are starving after a long winter and really in the mood.During summer and autumn, from June to September, fishing goes well but the easiest to catch are perch, pike, trout, char and grayling.


Fishing and nature out on Finnmarksvidda is something we at Alta Fishing think is very important to maintain, this beautiful nature and the peak fishing is something even the next generations should experience.We therefore have a policy of not leaving any traces behind us in the countryside where we have been, and all fish that are not eaten on the spot are of course released back in the water again.


We arrange guided tours in various forms on Finnmarksvidda throughout the year and guided tours tailored according to your wishes.


Camp Grayling-johka


The camp is beautifully situated on a hill near the river so that you can hear the water gurgle as you lie in your bed. From camp, you have a wonderful view over a long stretch of the river and you can sit on the hill and see the grayling vigil in the river below you, while the midnight sun dazzle you from the north.


Here we fish only in streams and especially for big grayling. It is very common with grayling over 1 kilo and you have a good chance to catch big trout.

The river is incredibly beautiful and full of good fishing spots, the river often change character, and you can choose to fish in deep, slow flowing stretches or a bit more hard-fished streams.


We take you from Alta air port by car in the first stage and then continue on to the jeep to drive to the camp.


Price: 7000: - NOK per person per week. The price includes 6 nights accommodation in our camp, transportation offices to the camp from Alta air port, fuel, food, fishing license and guide the first day. (minimum 2 persons)



Camp Char-johka


The camp is situated on a sandy ridge a stone's throw from the riverbank. The countryside around the camp consists of a beautiful blend between the mountains and stretches of very little vegetation, making the river very easy to fish from land. Here on the mountain weather turns quickly from sunshine to snowfall, even in the middle of summer. But when the weather is nice you are good at camp and see the char vigil in home pool in the midnight sun.


Here we fish exclusively for char when almost no other species of river. We fish mainly in the small johken but within walking distance of several great lakes. Johken is perfect for fly fishing, but lots of pools of several kilometers.


Price: 9500: - NOK per person per week. The price includes 6 nights accommodation in our camp, guide, transportation offices to the camp from Alta air port, fuel, food, canoes and fishing license. (minimum 2 persons)



Camp Finnmark


The camp is very beautiful placed in a valley surrounded by high mountain peaks. The camp is situated on a small lake where a small creek is flowing into the lake. Here's your big chance to catch a real big trout or char. Around the camp is a multitude of lakes and above all it is where we fish. To get to camp we go about 3km, the luggage is transported into the camp, so the walk is very easy.


Price: 9500: - NOK per person per week. The price includes 6 nights accommodation in our camp, guide, transportation offices to the camp from Alta air port, fuel, food and fishing license. (minimum 2 persons)



Expedition Vidda - Grand Slam


Here is your chance to succeed with a real "Vidda grand slam", in other words to catch grayling, trout and char weighing a kilo or more. We start the journey from Alta by car and go south to the area around Kautokeino.We repackage into airplane that takes us the last mile into the mountains. Here we camp in the northern part of the lake and fish from the upper reaches of the river.


From here we take the canoe downstream. We stop along the way to fish on the best spots before we camp for the night. We paddle downstream about 40 kilometers where we are picked up by car for transport home. The river is like something straight out an angler's book of fairy tales, where the rapids and streams melt into one. In other words, it is full of good fishing spots.


Paddling is a real pleasure without major challenges. A perfect way to get down the river and the concomitant to see the beautiful nature in a relaxed manner. We fish mostly in the river but also in lakes and smaller side rivers.


We will detour from the river and take day trips to the fine trout lakes a few miles from the river in a walking distance. During the week we live simply in the usual mountain tent that is quick to set up and pack down when we often change the encampment in the week.


Price: 11 500 - NOK per person per week. The price includes transportation back an forth from Alta air port, food, canoes, guide and fishing license. (minimum 2 persons)