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Moreover in Alta

Short info about Alta.


Alta is a metropolis in Finnmark where you will find a rich cultural life and shopping for those in the family who does not like to fish.


Alta, with about 19 000 inhabitants, is the largest town in Finnmark. Here lies the county's main airport, with departures to Oslo daily, making it easy to travel back and forth. Therefore, Alta the perfect starting point for a trip to Finnmark.


If you are on a road trip through Norway and have the desire to take the opportunity to fish a little, this is a perfect stop for the whole family. There are exciting events for the whole family so you can get the chance to get out and fish for a day or two.



Activities in Alta


- Shopping, www.altastorsenter.no www.park.no

- Museum, www.alta.museum.no www.tirpitz-museum.no

- Sports, www.altaif.no

- Restaurants, www.hansteike.no www.alfaomega-alta.no

- Disco and Bar, www.barila.no www.studenthusetcity.no

- Festivals, www.aronnesrocken.com www.altasoulogblues.no

- Cinema, www.aurorakino.no

- Bowling, http://www.altabowling.no/