Welcome to Altafishing!

We started up our business during the spring of 2007 with focus on sport fishing tourism in the area around Alta. The town of Alta is located at the coast of Finnmark in the northern parts of Norway, and today there are 20 000 inhabitants here making it the biggest town in Finnmark. Alta was first inhabited 10 000 years ago and the rock carvings here show that fishing was all ready appreciated.

Alta’s location is perfect for a variational fishing experience of world class standard!

We offer guided fishing trips all around Alta both summer and winter, an offer that makes us unique, as well as it increases your chances for a high-quality fishing experience. If you have any specific requests, we will adapt our tours to suit your specific wishes.

What ever type of fishing you want to do, you will, together with Altafishing have a good opportunity to experience the fishing adventure of your life.

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